Monday, May 17, 2010

Max and Wilson

I knew them in high school. With their adorable curly hair and sweet smiles, they had all the girls attention. Sure they were only 3 and 1 but they were still the cutest boys in school. Jeanette, their mom, was my high school dance teacher and still is to the lucky Judge Memorial classes. Yes, this dates how old I REALLY am...but I don't care...haha. Jeanette was pregnant with Max my freshman year of high school so our class knew them both from the the very beginning. What a full circle experience to be taking Max's senior pictures. I still sort of can't believe it! Especially since Jeanette looks exactly the same. The sweet little boys I knew running around the dance studio are now so grown up and one is off into the Ivy League college world. Max had a very difficult decision of Notre Dame or University of Penn. He decided on University of Penn and his family couldn't be prouder, that is until he earned the recognition of co-valedictorian of his senior class. Jeanette, I can't even imagine the tears of joy that will be shed on graduation day. Thank you so much for having me. Congratulations Max!!

Little brother Wilson.


LookieLooSuz said...

Great pictures! I love your posing - you have always been so good at that!

Angela said...

Great job with these! You really do an awesome job! This location worked really well for these guys.