Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ashlyn, Ellie, & Andrew

Remember that last snow storm we had? Well, that is the day we were supposed to take these photos. We postponed it a week and got perfect weather!! Thank goodness! These little kiddos were just oozing cuteness from every little pour they have and I was one happy girl :) I just LOVE my job!! I am so happy moms and dads jumped in a few because they are just the sweetest families and I am so glad I got to meet them. It was so much fun to spend the evening with you. Thank you for having me!!

Little Andrew only stuck around to do a photo for grandma.

We tried everything, sweet little Ellie was not going to smile today. She is so stinkin' cute!!

Yummy grass!

Ashlyn is so adorable!

Oh Ellie, you make me smile.

This is when we asked Ashlyn about her boyfriend...haha! I love asking kids that question. Her reaction is the second picture.

The last shot of the day. My favorite!


Julie said...

Wow!!! These are all adorable! Thank you so much for taking them for us. You did a great job!

LookieLooSuz said...

What a great shoot! I love the playground ones - so creative!

Flash Jorgensen said...

The last shot is my favorite too... so sweet and genuine. Great shoot!

Lisa said...

Love the grass eating, and the one through the jungle gym! always!

The Eresuma Family said...

I love that sweet face on the last shot! So relaxed and genuine! Fun!