Monday, August 12, 2013

C+J the big day!

Jimmy and Caitlin, I am so happy for you. What a beautiful day and wedding. Every detail was just perfect. Thank you for allowing me to capture such a special day. Congrats!! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. xoxo  photo cjblog1.jpg  photo cjblog2.jpg  photo cjblog3.jpg  photo cjblog4.jpg  photo cjblog5.jpg  photo cjblog6.jpg  photo cjblog7.jpg  photo cjblog8.jpg  photo cjblog21.jpg  photo cjblog9.jpg  photo cjblog10.jpg  photo cjblog25.jpg  photo cjblog11.jpg  photo cjblog12.jpg  photo cjblog13.jpg  photo cjblog14.jpg  photo cjblog18.jpg  photo cjblog17.jpg  photo cjblog15.jpg  photo cjblog16.jpg  photo cjblog19.jpg  photo cjblog20.jpg  photo cjblog22.jpg  photo cjblog23.jpg  photo cjblog24.jpg

Monday, August 5, 2013


I mean, what can I really say about this gorgeous girl? Beautiful inside and out, she made this bridal session a breeze. I told her if Rachel McAdams ever needs a twin sister for a movie, you are the girl!! Thank you darling girl for choosing me to capture your amazing bridal glow. xoxo

 photo cblog1.jpg  photo cblog4.jpg  photo cblog2.jpg  photo cblog3.jpg  photo cblog6.jpg  photo cblog5.jpg  photo cblog7.jpg  photo cblog8.jpg  photo cblog9.jpg  photo cblog10.jpg  photo cblog11.jpg  photo cblog12.jpg  photo cblog13.jpg  photo cblog14.jpg

Monday, February 4, 2013

Fall Family Sessions 2012

I wish I could post everyone's, but here are some of the family sessions from last fall. Hopefully this will give you some location ideas for spring. Thanks for stopping by :)
 photo 1a25c1c1-6e48-4cf9-8aa2-468509464adc.jpg
  photo 415e8715-7d7a-4221-964c-d0b2878466a3.jpg
  photo cbac4365-3c47-4d86-9196-49d597faac38.jpg
  photo ccefca6f-8337-43d4-946f-ddb3685502d5.jpg
 photo blogfall40-1.jpg
 photo blogfall41-1.jpg

 photo blogfall30-3.jpg
 photo blogfall32-1.jpg photo blogfall31-2.jpg
 photo blogfall33-2.jpg
 photo blogfall34-2.jpg
 photo blogfall60-1.jpg
 photo blogfall61-2.jpg
 photo blogfall62-1.jpg
 photo blogfall20-2.jpg
 photo blogfall22-2.jpg
 photo blogfall21-2.jpg
 photo blogfall51-1.jpg
 photo blogfall50-3.jpg
 photo blogfall52-2.jpg
 photo blogfall70-1.jpg
  photo blogfall72-2.jpg
 photo blogfall71-2.jpg
 photo blogfall100-3.jpg
  photo fb3-3.jpg
 photo blogfall102-1.jpg
 photo blogfall101-2.jpg
 photo blogfall80-2.jpg
 photo blogfall81-2.jpg
 photo blogfall82-2.jpg