Friday, August 20, 2010

Brianna Graham Workshop

Okay, these are way over due to the blog...but life happens and the blog gets the back burner. I just want to say what an amazing experience this was and I am so happy I was able to attend since this is her last year doing workshops. Day one was the studio day and she taught us so much. After talking for a few house we were set loose with all of her lighting equipment and lets just say my Christmas list is nice and long...haha. Brianna did not pose or compose any of these shots. We picked the models we wanted to shoot and did it all on our own. Loved it. The second day was the urban outdoor day. We again talked for a few hours and then went to a downtown location with the same darling models for the studio day. Again, we did all the posing on our own and picked all the locations we shot in. I was pretty tired after day 2. Day three was editing, talk about light bulb moments!! Amazing! Thank you Brianna for a fabulous weekend. Suzanne, I am so happy we got to share this experience together. Her are some favorites from the weekend.

Here are all the darling kids from the studio day. Oh to be in highschool again :)

Urban Day:

How dang beautiful are these kids?!!....yes, they are brothers and sisters!! Mom and dad are gorgeous too.

They all go to the same school and are all friends. How fun is that!?!


Jenni S said...

Wow, really fun! I love them all. It's so neat to see the different things you can do with lighting. And I always love the outdoor shots. Makes me want to go out and take some pictures! :)

Pam said...

All of those pictures are so great and the kids are all so beautiful(of course you made them look great too). I hope you told the kids where they could see their pictures. They will all want prints!!!!

LookieLooSuz said...

Soooooo happy we did this together!! So when and what is our next one?????