Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little Sisters

Little sisters can sometimes annoy you growing up. They want to do everything you do, be everything you are, and go where you go. Little sisters get you in trouble and make you mad, they take your toys and bug your friends.
Little sisters grow up....
When they do what you do and go where you go, it's a blast!! They become your friend, they become a wife and then a mother. Little sisters teach you things you never knew. Little sisters make you proud. This is MY little sister Ericka and her 2 year old little boy Will. Ericka is the most amazing mother and I am so proud of all she has done and become in the last two years. It has not been an easy two years as a mommy for her and through it all she is strong and positive. William is one lucky little boy, Wesley is a lucky husband, and I am one lucky big sister! I hope I have made our big sisters as proud as she has made me. Love you Babe!! Thanks for such a fun morning. Happy Birthday sweet Will!!


Carin said...

ADORABLE!!!!!!!! I love that location...why have I never shot there!? GORGEOUS work!!!

LookieLooSuz said...

I agree, love the locations! Haven't ever seen it before. The pictures are gorgeous too. That little guy is the cutest thing!! I would have been kissing those cheeks the whole time and forgotten to take pictures!

Jaylene said...

So cute! I agree, the location and the outfits make them look transported back in time. Trolley Square? Very nice!