Monday, August 12, 2013

C+J the big day!

Jimmy and Caitlin, I am so happy for you. What a beautiful day and wedding. Every detail was just perfect. Thank you for allowing me to capture such a special day. Congrats!! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. xoxo  photo cjblog1.jpg  photo cjblog2.jpg  photo cjblog3.jpg  photo cjblog4.jpg  photo cjblog5.jpg  photo cjblog6.jpg  photo cjblog7.jpg  photo cjblog8.jpg  photo cjblog21.jpg  photo cjblog9.jpg  photo cjblog10.jpg  photo cjblog25.jpg  photo cjblog11.jpg  photo cjblog12.jpg  photo cjblog13.jpg  photo cjblog14.jpg  photo cjblog18.jpg  photo cjblog17.jpg  photo cjblog15.jpg  photo cjblog16.jpg  photo cjblog19.jpg  photo cjblog20.jpg  photo cjblog22.jpg  photo cjblog23.jpg  photo cjblog24.jpg

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