Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kendall 4 years

My dear friends Gary and Katy moved back to Utah in December, yay me!! I was so sad when they moved back to Arizona 9 years ago but I am so glad we stayed in touch. It's like they never left :D This is their darling daughter Kendall. I took her pictures when they came to visit 2 years ago and, ohmygoodness, what a difference. She is such a little poser and her smile just lights up the room. I mean, we did take her out into 26 degree weather last time, so I don't blame the lack of smile at that photo shoot. We are so mean...what were we thinking?! I am so, so happy you guys are back Katy. Can't wait to take pics of the whole fam this spring :D Love ya!

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Katy said...

I love them!! They turned out so great! thank you!!